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Nagata Japan Drill

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Nagata Japan Drill

Sell ​​Nagata Japan Drill (Textile) Fabrics

Drill cloth

Drill cloth has a fabric surface in the form of a diagonal line, the fabric surface between the front and back is different, the woven is denser and stronger. Drill cloth is a type of uniform fabric that is soft, strong, tangle resistant, and also does not easily fade in color. In making work uniforms, the scope of the use of drill cloth is quite extensive both for the needs of indoor office uniforms and for field shirts, mechanical shirts, sales shirts, various types of pants, jackets and more.

JAPAN DRILL (Large fiber)

The most popular type of drill cloth is used to make uniforms especially for field uniforms. Japan drill fabric has characteristics that are stronger and thicker than other types of fabric. The most preferred japan drill fabric is the one with more composition made of cotton because it is more comfortable to use than japan drill fabric with a lot of polyester content.

The Nagata Drill is one of the well-known brands of the Japan Drill type. Why is it famous? because this fabric is much liked and often used for shirts, uniforms and jackets. Uniforms that are generally made are field uniforms because Japan drill has stronger and thicker characteristics than other types of fabric.

Nagata Drill has a composition dominated by cotton rather than polyester. This is what makes the Nagata Drill comfortable to use. Based on our brief survey at the center of fabric material in the city of Bandung, it is said that Nagata Drill is much loved in the DIY-Central Java area. Generally students who use this material for uniforms, shirts, PDL, Korsa and others. In addition, drill cloth can be used for other purposes such as making tarps, materials, awnings and canopies.

Berkat Abadi Textile is the biggest textile (uniform kind) distributor in Indonesia, originally called with Sari Warna Distributor, Berkat Abadi Textile is proudly present distributing raw materials of any kind of uniform such as school's uniform, factory outlets uniforms, suits, etc. Our markets include the whole nation of Indonesia starts from  Sumatra (Aceh to Lampung); Jawa (Banten to Banyuwangi); Kalimantan (Palangkaraya, Banjarmasin, Pontianak); Sulawesi (Gorontalo, Makasar), Bali & Lombok until Malaysia.

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